Euclia can assist your modelng needs.

Euclia through the years have gained extensive knowledge on modeling. Healthcare can extend from molecular level modeling to the highest level of epidemics and pandemics.

We have worked making image processing models and Geo Spatial models interoperable, usable, through a variety of technologies.


Image Prossesing

Screening daphnia

Applying deep learning methodologies within the ecotoxicology field, with the objective of training predictive models that can support hazard assessment and eventually the design of safer engineered nanomaterials (ENMs). A workflow applying two different deep learning architectures on microscopic images of Daphnia magna is proposed that can automatically detect possible malformations, such as effects on the length of the tail, and the overall size, and uncommon lipid concentrations and lipid deposit shapes, which are due to direct or parental exposure to ENMs. Next, classification models assign specific objects (heart, abdomen/claw) to classes that depend on lipid densities and compare the results with controls.


Large Scale GIS analysis

Creating risk maps

Making GIS models available is allways a difficult task because of the size and the complexity of the data. We have created extensive risk maps by studying the exposure of hazardouns materials throughout the globe. Exposure has been simulated and we have conducted the maps in an interoperable way that can be queried real time by any system keeping everything open and accessible.