Jaqpot Platform

Jaqpot is the platform that was developed by our team and functions as the base of our software

Jaqpot as a democratized software

Our main goal via the Jaqpot platform is to contribute to the democratization of ML and AI. On that note Jaqpot was developed as a hub of models, where users can easily upload the models to their private space and use them. After uploading the models, the creator has a wide variety of options on how to make them public.

The need for such a platform

With the amount of the available information accreting and the pandemic COVID-19 shocking the world it is an undeniable fact that the upcoming challenges of the future software, regarding healthcare, require scientists to work collaboratively. Jaqpot is a platform that can make it happen via the ability of organizations and sharing models and data with the partners that are in the organization. In addition packages regarding the generation of ready-to-model descriptors, drug discovery and other key concepts of the healthcare software are available and will continue to evolve. In this way, teams that may be from all over the world can collaborate and work easily to shed light on the difficult tasks of today and tomorrow.