Democratization of Machine Learning and AI on Healthcare

Making machine learning models available and accesible to everyone can be of paramount importance. Predicting properties of materials, potential drugs, chemicals can speed up the novelty needed for the industry and the infrastructure of the future.

Environmental crisis and the recent pandemic mandates the discovery of new drugs, novel materials and safe chemicals. Using machine learning can help us dicsover them by reducing the costs and the delivery time.


Next generation drug development

AI and ML in drug discovery

Only machines can search the space of chemicals for potential new drugs. Machine learning finds the patters and AI is leading the discovery of new drugs. The data availabillity can create the models needed to speed up the discovery of new drugs promoting the good health and well-being


Advanced material design

Predicting potential hazards and advance safety by design

Reduce experiments and delivery time of new materials by predicting potential hazards of them. Safety by design reduces risks for the human and the environment promote the sustainabillity for the cities, communities, the life bellow water and on land.



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